Adding content

Am slowly adding content here. I want this site to be something that _feels _like me. So I added pages like Podcasts I Love (more coming soon!), but this means I need to mess around with the CSS more so it’s all very time-consuming at the moment.

I also wrote this script recently, for the mod Sim Settlements 2 in the game Fallout 4. It’s a tool to count the number of plots in a an SS2 settlement. Here it is: Sim Settlements 2 Layout/City Plan Analyzer This helps people like me who build city plans for SS2. That’s another big thing I want to link to here: the content that I contribute to other sites or projects. I have several Fallout 4/SS2 mods up on NexusMods right now. It is fun. :) I really wish I had more time because I’d love to get more into modding!

That’s it for now!