This would have been a tweet

I’m sick. Probably just a cold but my immune system likes overreacting so I feel like total shit.

The last time I was sick was in March 2020 (not covid though). I was sick for a week and I spent it working-from-home and watching the anime Cells at Work. I don’t remember how it was recommended to me, but at the time it was on Netflix (back then I had Netflix!) and I thought that learning about the immune system through a curiously scientifically-correct anime (that was based on a comic) would be apt.

I somehow dodged covid for nearly 4 years (and I highly doubt I have it now, though can’t say for sure). This is the first time I’ve been sick since then. I need something to do while I lie in bed and hate my existence. I no longer subscribe to streaming services (other than Curiosity Stream) but I have some downloaded stuff. Saw Cells at Work in my folder. Seemed even more apt to rewatch it now. Maybe my white blood cells will pick up some pointers too. ;)

Anyways, what I didn’t anticipate was how emotional it would make me. Kept making me tear up. And I still don’t know why. But I’ve learned that I can’t always figure out a reason for my emotions and that’s ok.

This entry was supposed to be a one-line “I’m rewatching Cells at Work while sick, just like I did in March 2020)”. Oops.

Maybe this’ll get me writing here more. Not every entry has to be all planned and polished… right, Amy? :P