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Done a lot of work on the site in the last few days. I finally made a new layout I don’t despise! Still working on the CSS so is not even close to finished.

I also hid the pages that I haven’t actually written content in.


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I disappeared there for a while. Not that I was ever really here. But I figured out I’m never gonna actually launch this site, so might as well just start writing here. I’ll fix all the broken pages and empty placeholders and ugliness later. :P And I gotta get one of those old-school “Under Construction” gifs from the 90s internet.

Stuff I gotta work on/add here:
  • Get my website to run python, and make a GUI for my Sim Settlements 2 city plan stats generator thing
  • Battlesnakes – my brain has been thinking about algorithms since I first found out this was a thing, and now I gotta actually do it to free up that brain space!
  • My graph theory theorem – because graph theory is awesome (yes, I took a 3rd year Graph Theory course in university to find out how to formally prove my ‘theorem’ I figured out from doodling, and then it turned out that a special case of my theorem was a question on the final exam!)

Word of the moment: SNOUT
This word never gets old. It’s so fun to say. Snout.

The end. I’ll try to write in here weekly.



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